First semester of college, last semester of university.

First semester of college, last semester of university.

It was mostly a humourous comment about the weird way you yanks do things, and it wasnt meant to be taken seriously, but: In the UK, if you want to do, say, a Biochemistry degree, you apply to do a biochemistry degree through UCAS when you are 17/18, having chosen your university specifically on how good it is for biochemistry. You then turn up at university to a timetable chock full of biochemistry lectures, labs, and tutorials, and more-or-less nothing else. After all, thats what your degree is in. Maybe Ive got the wrong end of the stick, but it was my impression that, at a US university, you choose your major after youve been accepted, arrived, and spent quite a long time taking a range of subjects, and then continue to take other classes not related to your major even after that. Again, maybe Ive got that backwards. But, in my first comment, I was just being affectionately rude to our most unruly colonial kid, rather than trying to accurately describe the differences in degree structure between my country and one Ive never visited.


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