Light pollution impairs rainforest regeneration: Seed-dispersing bats avoid feeding in light polluted areas

Light pollution impairs rainforest regeneration: Seed-dispersing bats avoid feeding in light polluted areas


Its a common saying blind as a bat, but yes every species can in fact see and some of them quite well. As for the turtles, thats a different issue. This is to do with their egg-laying behaviour. Turtles that are coming on to beaches to lay eggs are quite shy and will turn back if the conditions arent right – human activity such as… well harassing them, or having lots of lights on definitely interrupts the turtles. I would guess that the restrictions on lights are only for part of the year going from my experience seeing turtles during their laying season on the Yucatan Peninsula off of Mexico. The beaches are quite strictly patrolled there. Rangers will find every nesting site and mark it off, and at night they patrol the beaches with no-lights or red-lights (which dont disturb the animals as much) to find and protect any incoming turtles. There is a time during the egg-lay where its basically a point of no return for the turtle and the rangers will approach them then with their lights down and take measurements, check tags and that sort of thing. But yes, theyre quite picky with their nesting!

You wake up, have a coffee, but can’t drink it without your cigarette? Now it’s easier with electronic cigarettes – a healthier method of smoking

A number of users prefer using this device for traditional cigarette because the device will not produce tobacco smoke, no bad smell with no ash. The device can be a replica in the traditional cigarette and produces a great vapor thats constant.

e cigarette

Additionally, its got various nicotine levels that fit variations of smokers. Manufacturers declare that a single vapor of electronic cigarette cartridge can last for an approximate of 250 puffs. If you love this device, you can to go for a blue electronic cigarette cartridge which has a one piece design used easily.

Lastly, these devices is provided for free from propylene glycol driving them to safe to use. However, the benefit plus the risks of using this kind of cigarettes arent certain. It is because these devices can also have a risk of one developing nicotine addiction eventually.

My winking corgi

My winking corgi


The best part about anyone who posts this tired old meme is that you can tell theyre a lonely bastard. The reason is simple. Those of us who are women, or have regular contact with women, look at the picture and see “oh hey, someone holding a winking dog!” Whereas, those of us who live in self-perpetuating isolation from half the population (probably because of the jizz stains all over our sweat pants we havent washed in 3 weeks) cant look at this picture without immediately noticing that one of the OTHERS!!! is in it.

Soviet Storm: Series of the Russian Front in WW2

Personally I have found this documentary series to be highly informative. As most Americans I have always been taught more of the American and British sacrifices of WW2. It wasnt until I got older that I began to delve and learn of the Russians greater sacrifice in WW2. I cant recommend this series more. It definitely gives an excellent view of the the War going on in the Eastern Front of the War, The is no American sensationalism about the war, strictly the battles of the Red Army fighting the Nazi War Machine. Check it out! Feel free to also discuss friends!

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Shell probably be a 65 year old granny who chain smokes and has a bunch of little kids running around her 5×5 apartment. Shell invite you up to her beer-stained room and spend the next 5 hours flirting with you after you realise shes so old that her breasts hand like clothing hangs from a clothes-line. The higlight of the night will be the time when she dropped her cigarette butt in the acoustic guitar as she plays you White Rabbit. But it will be a close contestant to the part where a kid screamed non-stop for 5 minutes after being told to go to bed at 9a.m. Youll have to pretend to get a phone call from the Hospital in order to get out of there, and by the time you get home from your 15 minute drive there will be 6 phone messages asking if you stole her baggie of heroin. Youll spend the next 3 days hiding in your house, looking through your curtains for that strange skinny white guy who is presumably her fellow heroin addled friend on stake-out. But yeah, itll be a good time. Go for it!